A native of Texas, Mel Mobley currently resides and teaches in Monroe, Louisiana. As composer, conductor, performer, and advocate of new music, he has been part of numerous premieres and festivals around the country. A regular performer with the Monroe Symphony Orchestra and the Implosion Percussion Group, his most recent work centers on the combination of live and recorded music and dance. His collaboration with dancer Tina Mullone seeks to break down the barrier between dancer and musician as well as between live and recorded performance. His compositions have appeared on the Revello, Navona and Ansonica labels and he has been commissioned by organizations including the Monroe Symphony Orchestra and the Louisiana Music Teachers Association. Dr. Mobley teaches at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and is a founder and coordinator of the New Music on the Bayou Festival that connects composers from around the world with the communities of north Louisiana. He is a member of the National Composers’ Association, USA (NACUSA), and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and the Percussive Arts Society (PAS).


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